Your Lyfetaste account
To make the purchase process easier, you should create an account, even though you are able to make your purchases as a guest. We recommend that you create an account in order to your information to be stored, making future purchases easier and faster. Besides, by creating an account, you will be able to track your orders at all times.  

- 1st Registration
To sign up/register, please go to “login and sign up”  and click on Create An Account, fill the form and submit.
Please remember that a valid e-mail address is necessary for us to be able to communicate with you. You may freely choose your password, but keep in mind it must be at least 8 characters long.
- Login (registered users).
On your next visits, just login with your e-mail and password.

How to buy
1st Shopping Cart
Chose the article(s) you want to buy and add them to the cart. There are two ways to do it:
- By hovering the pointer on the product’s image you’ll see a black button with the option “add to cart”, click on it and the product will be added to your cart.
- When clicking on the product you will be redirected to the product’s page where you’ll find detailed information about it (specifications, price, etc. ) on the right hand side you will find a small button called “add to cart”, click on it and the product will be added to your cart.
When you are done shopping and want to check out, click on the cart on the top left hand corner of the page.

2nd Login
- Unregistered user: sign up before proceeding.
- Registered user: log in with your e-mail and password.                           

3rd Shipping
Chose your shipping and billing address (shipping address can be diferente than the one you registered with).

4th Form of Shipping
Chose the desired form of shipping (urgent, normal).

5th Payment
Choose the more convenient mean of payment (debit, credit, transfer).

- Gift Card
The  E-card is a digital gift card, it’s the easiest way to give a present. Just buy it, chose the day and beneficiary and we’ll notify him/her
There are 3 different gift card values that can be used in any product and that is valid for one year.

- How to use your E-card?
1. Choose your items, add them to card and validate your order.
2. When proceeding to check-out, you will be asked if you have a discount code, where you should place the e-cards code.

- Message in the bottle
Personalize the bottles you’ll give as a present. 
This service is only available for the following wines: Bastardô! White, Rosé and Red, and Dine With Me Tonight White and Red.

 - How to ask for the personal message?
When adding either one of the wines above to your cart, a pop-up will ask you if you wish to add a message.
Just write the message and keep on shopping or proceed to check-out.

Available Products
All the products for sale are subject to availability. Orders will be processed as they come. If the product is not available, you will be notified and a alternative product will be suggested.

Information on payment methods
Check information 

Information on shipping methods, delivery deadlines and tracking:
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