What is Lyfetaste?
Lyfetaste is an online store filled with unique, fun and top quality products that allows you to taste life at the distance of a click, which was created because we believe the most important thing in life is to taste it. We went, and will continue to go, throughout the world in search for irreverent producers and creators, with the mission of bringing to Lyfetaste much more than a product. We want to bring concepts, experiences, dreams and pleasures…
Lyfetaste is also an innovative distribution project that is based on a digital and direct network sales platform, which allows clients to find products by moments and emotions, intensifying and facilitating the connection between the consumers and the product.

How can I contact Lyfetaste?
In order to contact Lyfetaste you just have to go to the contacts page and fill in the form or click on the email icon (both on the bottom left corner of the page).
To what countries does Lyfetaste ship orders?
Our products may be shipped to all Europe and to several countries outside Europe. Should you want to ship an order outside Europe, please send us an email to [email protected] so that we can give you an estimated value and transit time, as well as confirm if there is any legal constraint to the entry of alcoholic beverages in the destination country.
What is the articles’ availability?
All articles are subject to the availability of stock. Orders will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Should there be any out-of-stock situation the client will be duly notified and will receive a suggestion of change.
Is there any minimum value for orders?
At Lyfetaste there are no minimum order values.

Do the prices include VAT?
All prices shown include VAT at the applicable legal rate.
How do I know that my order was successfully placed and shipped?
After the order payment you will receive a notification via email with the correspondent confirmation and the attached invoice. As soon as the order is shipped, which is estimated to happen in the maximum term of 2 working days, you will receive another notification from the transportation company confirming the expected delivery date and giving the number through which you can follow the shipment at the transportation company website.

What are the transportation conditions and packaging?
Lyfetaste has specific packages for the transportation of articles, which may vary according each the product specifications. All packages are developed in order to efficiently protect its content.

What are the means of transportation used?
In general, all orders are shipped through road transportation, except for islands or other destinations outside Europe, where the shipment is made by sea.
What is the orders’ shipping cost?
The cost may vary according to the delivery place and time and is free of charge for orders higher than € 50,00 (fifty euros) shipped for mainland Portugal. Please click this link to check the different applicable shipping rates:
Check the applicable shipping rates
What is the order delivery time?
The order delivery time may vary depending on the delivery country.
Please click to check the several estimated delivery times.
What are the accepted payment methods?
Lyfetaste payment methods are:
- Wire transfer
- PayPal / Credit Card

What should I do if I receive a damaged or changed order?
When receiving your order you should immediately and in the presence of the person responsible for the delivery, check if it is in perfect conditions.
If your order is damaged you should immediately report it to the transportation company, by writing a note in the shipping document and by simultaneously notifying Lyfetaste, explaining the motive of the claim and/or return.

All orders that are not paid within a 15 days period will be cancelled.

Why is the invoiced issued by WWS – Wine With Spirit, S.A.?
Wine With Spirit is the company responsible for the management and invoicing of the products sold at Lyfetaste.