Bastardô! White Wine  +  The Wolf of Wall Street - Martin Scorsese

A movie night, a light and fresh wine, which amuses. A movie that is an epic poem to the bastards, a wine who celebrates them. 
A story about a stock broker, his success, his extravagances, and women. A toast to success, but be careful about what you do with it!

bastardo wine,white wine, wine with spirit, wolf of wall street


Dine With Me Tonight Red Wine + Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Blake Edwards

It's Sunday, you stay at home because it's cold or just because you deserve it. You had a late brunch so dinner is settled: a glass of red wine and an old movie, two classics that never disappoint. A movie that has New York, Hollywood, jewelry, parties, love, fun, and nonsense.

dine with me tonight red,red wine, wine with spirit, breakfast at tiffany's 

Dine With Me Tonight White Wine Sex and The City, The Movie - Michael Patrick King

A dinner with the girlfriends, half-empty glasses of white wine, a new dress, the same old chit- chat, the gritty details and the laughs from one side to the other side of the table.
A movie to see with the girls, about the girls. Everyone wants to be one of the characters, roles get sorted and everyone toasts
to themselves, men and women.
We can't live without each other!

dine with me tonight, white wine, wine with spirit, sex and the city

Carpe Noctem Voyeur Red Wine + 
Dangerous Liaisons - Stephen Frears

A night about you two, a burning fireplace, wine and a tempting movie. A story about the decadence of the French aristocracy,
full of lovers, low lights, sumptuous dresses and doom scenarios. 

carpe noctem voyeur red wine, wine with spirit, dangerous liaisons

Feijoada and Company Red Wine + 
Maradona - Kusturica

A lunch, a reunion, a party. Joy. Chaos. A shared couch, a glass of red wine and a bright movie, that pleases everyone and can be paused, commented, applauded. Because friendships have never been quiet and a good movie, much like a good wine, is better when is shared.

feijoada and company, red wine, wine with spirit, maradona movie

Seafood & Company Vinho Verde + Mamma Mia
– Phyllida Lloyd

The family gets together because it's a day to celebrate. A summer day, near the sea. Dives in the ocean and salty hair. The late night fall asks for a movie to extend the day and the joy. Someone opens a wine bottle, the freshness helps with the singing.
A chorus, higher and higher. Emotions are meant to be shared!

seafood and company, vinho verde, wine with spirit, mamma mia movie

Bread & Cheese White Wine + Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulin - Jean Pierre Jeunet

Wines, movies, and flavors. Or anything that takes us on a journey without leaving the table or the sofa. A white wine to go with a movie, a movie to go with cheese. Amélie Poulin's life, a journey through details and memories, a walk through Paris, a movie about people’s stories and a very special soundtrack. A toast to being unique!

bread and cheese white wine, wine with spirit, amelie poulin