Do you know the mobile application Vivino?

Vivino is a smartphone app that you can use to evaluate and save lists of your favorite wines.

We'd like to invite you to install this application on your phone and use it as a tool to create buzz for the Wine With Spirit wines.

In addition, this way you will be climbing the wine ratings inside the application and at the same time they will be seen by more people.

To do this simply take a picture of any wine label and the app will instantly know what the overall assessment of the wine is, views and average price.

Let's use Vivino to take Entainment to the world!



 When the app starts, after you register, it a screen will appear asking you to take a picture of the wine bottle.

Fit your photo on the screen's frame and click on the camera icon.




Next the app will identify the wine corresponding to the label you just photographed and a screen with the wine's profile wiill appear showing you the avarage grade of the wine.
In this same screen you'll be asked if you liked the wine and f course our bottled emotions deserve a 5 star rate :)
If you tried it in a restaurant you should the price on its wine list, otherwise you should use the Lyfetaste's price.
Here, you can still mention the name of the restaurant or the link to your Lyfetaste store.





After you do your evaluation you can also complete your suggestion and change the app's default values, namely Winery, Type, Country or Region.

 After these steps you will check that the wine has been added to your personal profile.

Every wine you evaluate will appear on a list in the Rating category.

The app also lets you leave a comment about our bottled emotions, so that you can recommed our wines to other people.

If we all follow these steps and ask our friends and family to do the same, together we can put Wine With Spirit's wines in the tops of Vivino and all over the world!