Panna Cotta
500 ml cream
90g of sugar
Gelatin sheets
1 vanilla pod

Red fruit syrup
200g of frozen red fruits
50g of sugar

1 bottle of sparkling rosé brut wine Basta!


At first, put your bottle of our brut rose sparkling wine Basta! in the fridge, You’ll want it fresh for later to go with your panna cotta.

Cut the vanilla pod and take out the inside, in a casserole join it with the cream and the sugar. Heat it until boils and put the gelatin sheets, already hydrated with water. Put the mix in little glasses and take them in the fridge for 4 hours.

Now, put the red fruits and the sugar in the eat until turn into a syrup. Let it cool and turn the syrup into the panna cotta glasses. Decorate with mint leaves.

Open your bottle of brut rose sparkling wine Basta!, already fresh, and surprise yourself and your guests with this combination. Red fruits panna cotta and our sparkling wine were made for each other.