How many stories have been told around a table full of friends?
How many messages have been sent until, finally, you have that date?
How many bottles have been drained out until you have the braveness to confess love or a hidden secret?
How many bottles have been shared for birthdays and celebrations?

In each bottle of wine ferment an infinite number of stories and shares.

At Wine With Spirit we believe that wine is the perfect messenger for so many occasions, so, we emptied some of our bottles to create “Message in a Bottle”.

“Message in a Bottle” is a bottle and inside it, a memory, a vent, a desire or a war cry. It’s to take the risk of saying what it needs to be said even if you aren’t so good with words.

Here for the audacious and curious, who take the risk and experiment.

Here for the funny and authentic, who surprise and enchant.

Here for the happy ones, who celebrate and live! 

Choose what you want to say, and we will deliver it for you in any country of the European Union.