For those who no longer believe in Santa Claus and for those who don't know where to put any more socks and even for those who don't know what else to offer, Wine With Spirit has prepared a selection of personalized gifts that everyone will want to receive and to offer.

Surprise your family with our original gifts created for the whole family - mother, father, husband and even that aunt who never likes anything.

And do not forget your friends - those who like to receive at home, those who cook, those who do not cook, those who think they know a lot about wine, the undecided, and even those who insist that they don't need to receive anything.

No one will resist the gifts we have prepared for this Christmas.

And you want to know the best part? You can do all your shopping without leaving home.

This year, just worry about getting everyone together, leave the presents with us!


Do you have friends who don't know if they prefer wine or beer? No problem. This present is for everyone's taste. The perfect trilogy for men and women who toast to life without looking backward.


Do you need a creative present for your boyfriend? Celebrate him and celebrate yourselves. 
For those who dare to speak out their feelings.Express yourself with a Message in a Bottle and celebrate your love with a romantic dinner.


This gift goes well with moments where time doesn’t seem to go by, where friends arrive and take their places amongst toasts and lively and fun conversations, accompanied by the taste of grapes. Give them to the dinner-party hosts.


The perfect gift for that uncle that always has the family over for lunch on Sundays. Give him this gift and schedule the first lunch of 2018.
Because the best social network still is a table full of friends, snacks, jokes and the same stories over and over again.

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