Because the good things in life take a time to get ready ... only now we can share something very special!
The Wine With Spirit family is growing!
Starting October, let yourself be surprised by the Bastardô! Premium Edition wine.
A special wine that will only be available in a limited edition.
With a selection of 100% Old Vine grapes, approximately 70 years old, and with a 16-month aging in French Oak Barrels, this elegant wine has also aged in a bottle at a controlled temperature for 44 months prior to being commercialized.

With a tear and intense red color, this wine shows a deep elegance in the nose that comes from the marriage between ripe fruit and excellent wood.
In the mouth, it reveals a deep and smooth attack, with an unctuous and harmonious presence.

3 months left to be released on the market, because it's so special, the Bastardô! Premium Edition wine is now available for pre-sale.

Click here and book your Bastardô Premium Edition now!

This is not a bottle.
It’s an affirmation, a statement.

It's a rare privilege to be face to face.
Let us make this journey without prejudice.
Don’t belong to anything but yourself. The road is unusual but the one who yearns shall encounter exclusivity.
Take Chances, question everything but your desire to experience something unique.
Taste my words and drink and enjoy a perfect moment of poetic ingestion.