1. Resoluções de Ano Novo

    Resoluções de Ano Novo

    A LYFETASTE PREPAROU ALGUMAS SURPRESAS DE ANO NOVO! Agora que as festas já passaram, já fizemos o balanço, refletimos e agradecemos pelo ano que passou, já pensámos nas resoluções de ano novo e estabelecemos as nossas metas. Está na altura de as pormos em prática. Todos nos temos nessas listinha “passar mais tempo com os amigos” e “surpreender aqueles que amamos” .

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  2. Smells like Summer - BREAD&CHEESE white

    Smells like Summer - BREAD&CHEESE white

    It is true that the summer has come a little embarrassed, but we are already ready to receive it.
    In those late afternoons you just want to enjoy the sunset, around a table full of friends, how about a refreshing white Bread&Cheese!?
    We just want you to worry about having fun, we take care of the wine.
    Tell us where you are and wherever you are, Lyfetaste will meet you and take the wine, for your barbecues, seafood, or snacks at the end of the day.
    All you have to do is invite your friends and place the order.
    Immerse yourself in the summer and refresh yourself with our offers.

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  3. Smells like Summer - Dine With Me Tonight white

    Smells like Summer - Dine With Me Tonight white
    All the reasons are good reasons to surprise friends, in that secret place, in that special night.
    Because someone has returned from a trip, because someone needs help with moving, because another baby will be born, because they haven't been able to sit together for months or because they get together every week.
    Even for no reason, meet up! Hug in! Here's to friendship!
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  4. Smells like Summer - Bastardô! rosé

    Smells like Summer - Bastardô! rosé

    The long days and the warm nights have arrived. In the car, always have a beach towel and a sun umbrella. In the face, a happier tone and an open smile. In the skin, sand, salt and the freshness of summer. At home, windows are always open and the wine is always fresh to enjoy the sun that comes in. Have fun! Open the door to the best months of the year! Celebrate the good things in life!

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  5. Summer Stars - Seafood&Co

    Summer Stars - Seafood&Co
    It smells like summer, the days are already bigger, the cold has already slowed and already thought of late lunches and long dinners on the terrace with friends a toast with our bottled emotions.
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  6. It smells like summer - BASTA!

    It smells like summer - BASTA!

    It smells like summer, light dresses and shorts jumping out of the closet, the skin getting tanned… Nothing better than to gather at the table with friends and toast with a refreshing BASTA!.

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  7. We have created the perfect gift! 14/02

    We have created the perfect gift! 14/02
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  8. The Era of Beer

    The Era of Beer
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  9. Promo Premium Edition

    Promo Premium Edition


    When purchasing the 3 Bastardô! Premium Edition get the OFFER of one Bastardô! Royale Beer.


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